Movie Review: Wreck It Ralph 2

[Warning: may contain spoilers]

Wreck It Ralph 2 is by far, the most meaningful Disney movie ever made. It discusses about so many social issues in one animated movie, and it being targeted towards millennial kids is just the right and perfect thing to do.

Directed by Rich Moore and Phil Johnston, the sequel takes place 6 years after saving the arcade from Turbo’s vengeance. The Sugar Rush arcade cabinet was broken by a human player, forcing Ralph (John C. Reilly) and Vanellope (Sarah Silverman) to travel to the Internet via the newly-installed Wi-Fi router in Litwak’s Arcade to retrieve the piece capable of saving the game.

The whole theme of the movie is about friendship and its challenges, when the bond between two best friends are tested when one side is having internal insecurities, and the other is having dilemma towards her own dreams. The situation got even worse when miscommunication happened, and chaos arised due to Ralph’s unintended sabotage and failed attempt in trying to make Vanellope see things HIS way. Kids nowadays (and people of all ages actually) should understand that best friends come in all forms, and they can be polar opposites in thoughts. “There’s no law saying best friends have to have the same dreams.” But one should always remember that whatever happens, you should not, at ANY given moment or opportunity, have the intention to harm others. If you do, it’ll just backfire on you, as clearly shown in the movie.

The movie also deliberates a lot on the subject of insecurities and low self-esteem that one can have, and also being influenced by the negative comments thrown out by netizens. The dialogue “first rule of the internet: never look at the comments” has revealed the dark side of how the modern technology has made it so easy for people to lash out at others, while having the comfort of being at home. Keyboard warriors are so common nowadays, that the saying “you can never please everyone” is being demonstrated and proven for almost every single post online. With the technology being so advanced today, almost every kid is in touch with the social media. But nobody is there to protect them from this sinister world of cyber bullying, where some people are just out to criticize and hurt others with mere form of words. It is only with built-up self-esteem can the children in the current era learn to protect and defend themselves against those who are having spite and jealousy in them, and Wreck It Ralph 2 has presented this lesson in a very impactful way. ❤ So thank you to the team behind this movie, who has sent out this significant message to all the young ones out there.

There’s also this one part where Vanellope said in the early stage of the movie “My game is predictable. I know every shortcut. I wonder if there’s more to life than this.”, making me wondering the same as well in the real-life physical world for people who are doing the same routine almost every day! However, there are some people who are contented with having the same repetitive cycle daily, as it creates less drama, and also less excitement. For me personally, I would be on Vanellope’s side, where I am constantly seeking for the next thrill, next adventure. But at some point in life, I know that I will settle down for a quiet and peaceful routine, where I know that everything will fall into place, and my family will be waiting for me at home, and I look forward to having this sanctuary too ☺

Apart from all the meaningful messages being brought out via the story plot, I also appreciate Disney throwing snark at its own mainstream franchise of Disney Princesses 😂 Really loving that scene where all of them were questioning Vanellope if she is a princess. Oh! And also when they were all in modern comfy clothes, I tried so hard to squint at all the words on the t-shirts, but I only manage to catch sight of Ariel’s, and it was hella funny and relatable at the same time! That one song that Vanellope sang though, was also probably one of the highlights for me. I probably should start to “stare into important water” and have my own little song now. 😂

Lastly, using a movie poster with the character “Shank” here, because she displayed all the ideal qualities that I am looking up to: cool, good with advise, protect her fam, skillful at her job, looking good, and seems to be fearless. It is almost everything that I would like to be, and one day, I hope I am able to reach at least 80% of it 😊

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