Movie Review – #Godzilla: King Of The Monsters (7/10)

(Super belated review, but that means spoilers will be forgiven too :P)

Although the theatres are now saturated with movies that highlight on the environmental issue and how humans are the cause of the problems, I didn’t mind one more amongst them, even if it’s to just raise the public awareness of how much damage we are actually causing to the land we breathe on, the very place we call “home”. In my own’s views, I like the way they relay the message of preserving and conserving the environment to the general public, and of course, to the younger audience as well. In this movie, the “crypto-zoological agency” Monarch face off against not just an array of humongous monsters, which includes the mighty Godzilla, but also against the government policies and human’s foolishness of wanting to destroy the god-like creatures. With this much of ego within us (and especially those believe in the White supremacy), I am not surprised that some will fail to see that Godzilla also aims to tell us how we are just a speck of dust in this world when compared to the other possible creatures that are living in the same world as us. The movie brought out a hypothesis that us humans are residing in Earth that does not belong to us, but to the Titans who once ruled the land. And yet, many of us are taking things for granted: ignoring the damage that we are causing to the environment just for the sake of our own convenience; believing that the homo sapiens are actually one level above others hence causing the extinction of many species; some of us even waging war against our own kind for the greed of wealth & power. Are we really going to continue to walk on this land as though we own it, or are we going to at least give respect and gratitude to the many wonders of the world that we know of now?

Out of the 4 monsters that were highlighted in the movie, my personal favourite was Mothra, the “queen” of all monsters, who was described to have a “symbiotic relationship” with Godzilla, in which one will not be able to ignore its magnificence and beauty when its full form appears on the large screens. I was totally in awe and words failed me when I saw how she broke through the clouds and shone its warm rays onto Godzilla. It was as though a huge life-form of a compassionate goddess appeared, and I was just totally captivated by it. Though her attacks against Rodan were seemingly weaker in comparison, she was the only one who managed to actually capture the audience’s attention even before the fighting scenes occurred.

One moment that particularly made me emotional was when Dr. Serizawa actually sacrifice himself to aid Godzilla regain his powers, where we see the character finally being able to rest knowing that his most admired and respected Titan will be able to fight back against what is considered as “alien”in this world. We have seen Dr. Serizawa holding on his beliefs throughout the two movies, and he has proved that even when nobody believes you, as long as you are doing what you consider is right, then it will all be worthwhile, even if it means giving up your own life for it.

The only thing that I found annoying was the screeching and roars from the monsters, in which I think was too much and unnecessary. But then again, what other forms of language can we expect from these enormous creatures, that do not speak in our human language? So do be prepared to get your eardrums blasted, with all the technology advancements in cinema that aim to “enhance” your experience. Hahahah.

Some may criticise that the CGI was too crude, and that the story plot was too bland. But oh well, to each his own. I see that there are much to appreciate in such a simple movie of monsters battling each other out, in an attempt to return the balance that was already lopsided when human population started to overgrow and Mother Nature was disregarded and neglected (in which sounds strikingly similar to Thanos’ fundamental concept, and which I agree too). Maybe also due to me not studying art, I was actually feeling quite sensational when I just sat there during end credits and pondered on how the digital artists managed to bring all of the creatures into life in the screens. My exact thoughts were “Wow… we just watched Titans battle on Earth for us, and we humans are so small and insignificant compared to them.” Well, hopefully the next movie will keep me in amazement when I see both mythical Godzilla & Kong cross-hands.

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